Membership Cancelation Overview

      Gold Membership purchases on ChessKid will automatically renew at the end of the expiration cycle so that you don't have a lapse in premium benefits. You can turn off the auto-renewal function at any time. 

      Please note: Even if your account says you have a gold membership, it may have been purchased through a different account connected to yours. If this is the case, only the account that made the purchase will have membership viewing and canceling capabilities.

      From your home page (on a regular desktop computer), login to the ChessKid account that purchased the membership. 

    • If you're unable to view or edit your billing details it may be because the membership was purchased from a different ChessKid account username. A complimentary gold account that was the result of a gold purchase from another ChessKid account username cannot access such details. Only the ChessKid username that made the original purchase has these capabilities.

    Unsure of what ChessKid account username made the original purchase? Here's how to double-check what username purchased the gold membership:

    • Please go to your ChessKid App and see if you can purchase another membership. Just go through the motions of buying a membership without actually purchasing one. When you do this, it should give you a pop-up with the ChessKid username that is linked to your purchase. That will be the username/account you will need to log in to to manage your membership. 

      If the above option doesn’t generate a username pop-up, then please log out and create a new username on the app by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button (next to the login area). Then try purchasing again until you see the pop-up error showing the username.

    If your purchase was through Google Play or Apple you will need to contact them directly as we do not have the ability to access their billing portal. 

    • Apple iTunes- To view the complete Apple Refund Process, click HERE.
      • To cancel your membership, click HERE.
      • To speak to Apple Support, click HERE or call 1-800–692–7753.
    • Google Play - To manage your subscription, click HERE.

    If your purchase was made on
    • Log into the ChessKid account that made the purchase or
    • Ask for assistance from our ChessKid Support Billing Department

    If the purchase was made from a Kid account, the process will look like this,

    • Log in to the Kid account that made the purchase (with their username and password)
    • Click on the "Settings" icon, the "Subscription" tab and then "Click to update your billing information":

    Now click on " Cancel gold subscription":

    If the purchase was made from a Parent account, the process will look like this:

    • Login to the Parent account that made the purchase, click on the "Settings" icon, then "Membership":

    Once on this page, click on “ Cancel Gold Membership”:

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