How do I cancel my gold subscription?

From your home page (on a regular desktop computer), log in to the ChessKid account that purchased the membership. 

If the purchase was made from a Kid account:

Click on the "Settings" icon followed by the "Subscription" tab, and then "Click here to update your billing information":

Here, scroll down a bit and click on " Cancel gold membership":

If the membership was purchased from a Parent account:

From your ChessKid home page, click on the "Settings" icon followed by "Subscription" and then "Click here to update your billing info":

Now, scroll down the page a bit and click on "Cancel Gold Membership":

If you're unable to see any membership details from your account, then the gold membership was probably purchased from a different ChessKid account. 

Here's how to double-check what account is connected to your purchase:

  • Go to your ChessKid App and see if you can purchase another membership. Just go through the motions of buying a membership without actually purchasing one. When you do this, it should give you a pop-up with the ChessKid username that is linked to your Apple ID. This should provide us with the username that is connected to the gold account purchase! Please tell me what username pops up on your screen. 
  • If the first option didn’t generate a username pop-up, then please log out and create a new username on the app by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button (next to the login area). Then try purchasing again until you see the pop-up error showing the username.

If your membership was started with Apple iTunes, please click HERE to cancel your membership. To request a refund, please go to Apple Refund Request. You can also reach out to Apple Support (or call 1-800–692–7753). 

If your membership was started using Google Play, please click on the following link: Google Play Management.

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