How do I cancel my gold subscription?

Login to the ChessKid account that purchased the membership. 

If the purchase was from a Kid account the process will look like this:

Click on the "Settings" icon, the "Subscription" tab and then "Click here to update your billing info" : 

Now click on "Cancel gold subscription":

If the membership was purchased from a Parent account the process will look like this.

From your ChessKid home page, click on the "Settings" icon followed by "Membership":

Now, just click on "Cancel Gold Membership":

If your membership was started with Apple iTunes, please click on this link to cancel, as we have very limited access: How to cancel my Apple subscriptionUnless you cancel the subscription with Apple directly, the auto-billing will still occur. 

Here's a direct link to Apple Support, shall you need further assistance in finding your purchase. You can also reach Apple Support by calling this number: 1-800–692–7753.

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