How do I add another child to my membership?

In order to add an additional child to your membership, you will need to purchase the new membership you would like as a whole.

For example: I have purchased a 1 Kid, 1 Year membership plan but now I would like to add another Kid to my plan. I now wish to have a 2 Kid, 1 Year plan.

I will need to purchase a new 2 Kid, 1 year membership plan. When the new purchase is made our billing system will automatically apply your remaining balance to the new purchase and it will replace the previous membership.

*Please note: You must purchase through the same ChessKid account username as you did for your original membership or you will end up with 2 separate memberships through 2 different ChessKid accounts.

If your purchase was made through Apple iTunes then you will need to contact them directly to make any changes to your membership. We have very limited access to any accounts associated with Apple. Here’s a direct link to Apple Support to get you started!

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