How do I challenge a friend to a game? (kid)

There are several ways to challenge your friends to a game: from the "Friends" page from a Club's "Members" page, from the "Play" pages, and from player Profile pages.

From the Friends page or from a Club's Members page:

  • Select "Challenge" from the dropdown next to the friend you'd like to play. This will send a Slow chess challenge.

From Fast Chess:

  • Any of your friends who are online will appear in your "Friends & Clubmates" tab on the right. You can challenge them to a live game by clicking the "Play" icon next to their username.


From Slow Chess :

  • Your friends appear on the "Friends" tab, and your Club's members on the "Clubmates" tab. Select a username & click "Play" to send them a challenge.

From a member's Profile page :

  • Click the "Challenge" button under their avatar.


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