How To Play My Friend In Fast Chess

To play your friend, they must also be logged in and online the same time as you are.

From a Kid account, to search for or play your friend (another kid account) a game in fast chess, click on:

  • Play > Play vs Kid > Friend tab
  • If any of your friends are online, you will see them below the friend tab. There will be a "Play" icon to the right of their name that you can click on to start a game with them.
  • To search for your friend, type their unique ChessKid username into the box (bottom right) and click enter.

If you're a kid trying to play an adult, you will need that adult listed as a Guardian on your kid account before you can connect with them. For more information on that, click HERE.

From an Adult account, here's what the process looks like for you!

  • If any of your ChessKid friends (which will only be your connected Kid accounts) are online you will see them here! (Play > Play vs. Kid > Friend Tab)
  • You can also search for them by typing their username into the box below and clicking Enter.



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