How do I host a tournament? (parent/coach)

Parent/Coach accounts are able to create tournaments.

Tournaments are a Club feature. In order to host a tournament, you must have your Kid accounts grouped together into a Club.

There are 2 types of tournaments: 1) Fast Chess Tournaments (played in real time), and 2) Slow Chess Tournaments (played over many weeks).

1) Fast Chess Tournaments

Fast Chess Tournaments are created inside the Fast Chess section of ChessKid. 

From the Fast Chess page:

  • Click the "Club Tournament" button at the bottom of the Fast Chess menu.
  • Choose a Club that will host the tournament, choose a start day and time, & enter the rest of your tournament parameters.

Here's an article which describes how to set up a Fast Chess Tournament:

2) Slow Chess Tournaments

From the Home screen:

  • Click the "Clubs" tab, and select the Club that you want to host the tournament.
  • Click the "Tournaments" link on the right side of the screen.
  • At the top of the screen, choose "Slow Chess" then the orange "New" button.
  • Enter your tournament parameters.

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