General Questions

Who gets a trophy in a tournament?

Trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for tournaments with more than 8 kids. If a tournament has 8 kids or fewer, only 1st place receives a trophy.

Fair Play on

ChessKid takes playing fairly seriously & the rules are the same as on our parent site Computers and outside help are NOT allowed. Multiple accounts are NOT allowed. Fair Play on What you Need to Know What are the rules? No chess programs or engi...

The navigation buttons on the site are smaller and at the top of my screen. What happened?

You're probably on a mobile device (or you minimized your screen). The layout of the screen changes depending on the screen size of the device you're on. If you're a parent or coach, we recommend using the account management tools from a computer.

Where did the Puzzles & Lessons links go? They're not on the left side menu any more.

You can now find all of our educational resources in the "Learn" section on the main left side menu: Puzzles Lessons Computer Workouts Videos Articles Board Vision trainer

I want to tell people about another website outside of Chesskid. Can I do that?

No, you cannot. For the safety and enjoyment of the kids on the site, we ask that you not post links or advertise for other websites. It is the policy of ChessKid that we will not publish any links outside of

My question isn't answered here. Who can I contact?

Send a support message here.