For Kids

How do I join a public Tournament? (kid)

From the Home screen, click the "Play" tab. Select Tournaments. If there are any public tournaments you can join, you'll find them on the list and can request to join. Tournaments on the site are all Slow Chess. For private club tournaments: If you are a student at a school or ches...

Can I start a tournament? (kid)

Kids aren’t able to start a tournament. You will need to ask your parent or coach with a Gold Membership to host one for you.

How can I upgrade my account? (kid)

We don't want kids buying anything on the Internet! You'll need to ask your parent or coach (your Guardian) to upgrade.

Someone is being mean or rude to me. What do I do? (kid)

If someone is being rude or mean to you, let us know by clicking this link. If this is happening in a Club, be sure to let your teacher or coach know as well.