For Adults

How can I give my child's coach access to his/her account? (Parent)

You may add your child's teacher or coach as another Guardian of their account. This gives the coach the ability to see their account and review their games. The teacher or coach must already have a Parent/Coach account on (or, they can create one for free). From your Parent/Coach accou...

How to Transfer or Switch Primary Guardianship to a Coach or Teacher

Some coaches offer Gold Memberships to students through their programs or Clubs. In order to assign the Gold membership, they need to be the "Primary Guardian" of the Kid account. If your child would like to continue using the same account they've been playing with, you'll need to switch the Primary...

How can I share ideas with other Parents & Coaches on ChessKid?

Join our Parents & Coaches Feedback Club! Share ideas, ask questions & connect with other coaches and Clubs on

How do I start a club? (parent/coach)

Clubs are a way that you can group your students in your chess program. You may create a club for each school, each classroom or by ability level. Clubs allow you to send messages to a group, host tournaments, matches and have a Club Leaderboard. If you are a parent or coach who has a Gold Membersh...

Can I join a tournament? (parent/coach)

Tournaments on are only open to kid accounts. If you’re interested in playing in a tournament yourself, please visit

How do I host a tournament? (parent/coach)

Gold Parent/Coach accounts are able to create tournaments. From the Home screen: Click the "Clubs" tab, and select the Club that you want to host the tournament. Click the "New Tournament" link on the right side of the screen. Enter your tournament parameters.