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(Coach/School) What are the special features available to schools & groups?
(Coach/School) What are the special features available to schools & groups?
Updated over a week ago can be a great teaching tool for your program or school! Our goal is to work with coaches and teachers to get more kids playing more chess (and improve quickly!)

  • You can use our system to easily organize your students into groups, give assignments and view individual reports cards to track student progress.

  • You can use any of our lessons or videos in class or as at-home assignments - and there's new content added all the time. Chess teachers will appreciate subject-specific teaching tools & lessons. Students will enjoy the fun, animated videos. And teachers with minimal chess experience can follow through a guided lesson plan.

  • Your groups can have Leaderboards by week or month, quickly creating a competition for your students and encouragement to play more chess and solve more puzzles.

  • Your students can find their classmates, friends, and even family members online and challenge each other to a game. Or, you can create a match between classes, schools or another group around the world!

  • Your students will always be able to find a live chess game, no matter where they are or what time it is.

  • You'll receive special discount pricing for large groups. You can offer a membership to your students as a bonus learning tool for joining your program, or as a reward to students who have shown interest or participation.

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