Is it safe for my kid to add a friend? How can I see my kid’s friends?

ChessKid uses a “blind” friend request system. That means that when another kid sends a friend request to your child, your child does not receive any type of notification. Instead, the only way that friend will be added is if your kid sends a friend request to the user as well. This protects against friends being added carelessly and ensures they know each other in real life.

In addition, Parent/Coach accounts are able to “Impersonate” their kids in order to keep track of all correspondences, friends, and other behavior.

To impersonate your kid's account:

  • Login to your Parent account.
  • Click on "Manage" followed by "Kids".

  • Click on the horizontal menu next to the Kid account you'd like to see.
  • Select "Impersonate".

Once you are logged in to their account, you may click on the Friends link to view and manage their added friends. From here you will also be able to cancel any sent friend requests that haven’t yet been accepted.

Note that adults cannot be friends with kids unless they are a Guardian (or ChessKid staff).

How To Connect To My Kid Through Guardianship

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