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How To Connect To My Kid Through Guardianship
How To Connect To My Kid Through Guardianship
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The only relationship between Kids and Adults on ChessKid is when a Parent/Teacher/Coach is a "Guardian" of a Kid's account. When an adult is a Guardian, the Kid will appear on their Kids Page, they can become "friends," and are able to challenge each other to a game of Fast or Slow Chess.

If you're an adult who created a Kid account using the " Add a Kid" tool, you are automatically the "Primary Guardian."

However, if you created your accounts separately, you may need to make yourself a Guardian from within your child's account to connect with them.

  • Guardianship is normally determined by the Guardian/Parent email associated with the accounts. If you signed up separately, you'll need to make sure the emails match on both the Parent and the Kid account. Then, the ChessKid system will automatically link your accounts together.

First, double-check the email address listed on your Adult account:

  • Logged in as a Parent,

  • Click the gear-shaped Settings icon.

  • Confirm or change your email in the email field of your Account page.

Next, make sure that the Parent/Guardian email is the same for your Kid:

  • Have the Kid log into their account,

  • Click the gear-shaped Settings icon.

  • If the Kid account does NOT already have a Guardian email, add your email in the "Guardian's Email" field. This will automatically link the accounts.

  • If the Kid account DOES have a Guardian email, it will need to be the same as your Parent email in order for your accounts to be linked together. **Note: Kids cannot change their Guardian email once one has been added. The Guardian will need to log in and change their OWN email instead.

  • Note: From a Kid's account, the field labeled "My Email" is for the Kid's personal email, if desired. This email will NOT affect Guardianship - and cannot be the same as the Guardian email.Other special types of Guardianship:

  • If you are a teacher or coach in a large school, school district or chess teaching program, you may have Guardianship of your students via our ChessKid "Enterprise" system. This does not link you to your students via a personal email address, and instead recognizes that you are an instructor. In this case, a "Parent Email" can be added from within the kid's page to link the student to a biological parent.

( Settings > Edit icon > Type in email address)

After you've made the email change, make sure to click the Save button at the bottom:

If you need further assistance, please EMAIL US.

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