(Parent/Coach) How can I play, host or cancel a tournament?

Tournaments are a Club feature that only Adult accounts can create. In order to host a tournament, you must have your Kid accounts grouped together into a Club. ChessKid currently offers Fast Chess Tournaments in real-time.

Fast Chess Tournaments are created inside the Fast Chess ("Play vs Kid") section of ChessKid.

From your adult account home page:

  • Click on "Play" followed by "Play vs Kid" to enter the Fast Chess area.

  • Click the orange "New Club Tournament" button at the bottom of the Fast Chess menu.

  • Choose a Club that will host the tournament, set a start day and time, & enter the rest of your tournament parameters.
  • Click "Create".

  • Once set up, the Tournament will show on the Tournaments Tab on the right side Fast Chess menu. This is also where you can cancel an event if needed.
  • The event will automatically run as long as the minimum number of players join. As the Tournament Director, you do not need to view the event in order for it to start, but you do have the ability to see the tournament standings and games in progress as a spectator if you'd like.

How to cancel a tournament: 

From your ChessKid account home page,

  • Click on "Play" followed by "Play vs Kid" to enter the Fast Chess area.
  • Click on the "cancel" button directly to the right of the tournament you'd like to cancel. (Please note: You'll only be able to access tournaments up to 7 days out. Also, there's no way to modify them; you can only create new tournaments or cancel them altogether.)

Here's a video tutorial on how to set up a Fast Chess Tournament.

Here's a video tutorial you can share with players on how Kids join a Fast Chess Tournament.

Here's an article that describes how to set up a Fast Chess Tournament.

Here's an article you can share with players with some tips on how to have the best online tournament playing experience.

Tournaments on ChessKid.com are only open to Kid accounts. If you’re interested in playing in a tournament yourself, please visit Chess.com.

For the daily sitewide tournaments, your child can join the official club here: ChessKid Official Club and then they'll see all of the upcoming tournaments. 

We also sometimes have paid tournaments (meaning they register and pay an entry fee and we have prizes, etc) and they can check the calendar for those types of events: ChessKid Events Calendar

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