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How To Play My Kid
How To Play My Kid
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After you've connected to your kid through the Guardianship process,

  • Log in to your adult account

  • Click on the "Play" tab at the top of the page followed by either

If you'd like to play Fast Chess:

  • Click on "Play" followed by "Play vs Kid:

  • Click on the "Friends" tab resembling a person.

    • If your friends are online and you're already connected as friends (meaning you both have sent and accepted a friend request from each other), you will see them when you click on the "Friends" tab on the right you will see them listed below. There will be a "Play" icon to the right of their name, click on that to start a game!

  • You can also search for your friend.

    • Type their ChessKid username into the search box at the bottom and click the magnifying glass.

If you'd like to play Slow Chess:

  • Click on "Play" followed by "Slow Chess"

  • Click on either the "Friends" or "Clubmates" tab

  • Select the friend or classmate you'd like to play

  • Then click "Play" to start a game with them

If you need further assistance, please EMAIL US.

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