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How is ChessKid Adventure different from ChessKid?
How is ChessKid Adventure different from ChessKid?
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ChessKid Adventure is a fun new approach to chess for kids. The app has many of the chess features you know and love -- such as live games, puzzles, and lessons -- built into a magical world of dragons and unicorns. Both ChessKid and ChessKid Adventure are focused on helping kids learn to play and enjoy the game of chess.

While there are many stylistic differences between ChessKid and ChessKid Adventure, the most noteworthy difference is that ChessKid Adventure is only designed for individuals, and is only available on mobile (iOS and Android) devices.

ChessKid is intended for a much broader audience in that it works on mobile and any web browser, and not only works with individuals, but also organizations such as schools, clubs, associations, etc.

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