Can I switch Gold Membership between my Kids?

Absolutely. Once you've purchased a Gold Membership from your ChessKid Parent account, it is yours to assign as you choose. 

*Note: All ChessKid accounts must be connected first by listing the same primary email address on each account. That is how our system recognizes the Parent-Kid connection. Make sure the email address is only listed in the primary email area.

Enabling and disabling a student Gold Membership is a one-click function.

From your ChessKid Parent account home screen:

  • Click "Manage" followed by "Kids".

  • Click the "Medal" (Gold for Premium, Grey for Basic) icon next to the kid account you'd like to enable or disable the membership for. 

If you see the gold icon next to your Kid’s Username, then the Gold Membership is active for that account. 

If it's a grey icon, he/she has a basic membership.

If there is no plus or minus sign next to a gold membership, it usually means that the membership was purchased from the Kid account (see picture below). Those type of memberships are unmanageable from an Adult account. 

The membership purchased from the Kid account will need to canceled (by logging into the Kid account with their username and password) and then the Parent account should purchase the total amount of memberships they would like to have control over. Make sure to assign the new membership(s) to the applicable Kid accounts to grant them access. See this FAQ for more information: How To Assign/Remove Gold

For information on how to cancel your membership, please see the following FAQ: How To Cancel Gold Membership/Auto Renewal

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