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How To Assign/Remove Gold
How To Assign/Remove Gold
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*Note: the Kid account must be connected to your Parent account (through Guardianship) and the gold membership must have been purchased through your Adult account to have gold management capabilities.

Log in to your Parent account,

  • Click on "Manage" followed by "Kids":

Adding or removing a gold membership is a one-click function. Click on the green " +" plus sign to assign gold or the red "x

" to remove gold:
If the account has a solid gold medal (meaning there is no "x" or "+" next to it) like the picture below, that means the gold was purchased from within the Kid account, not the Parent account. To cancel gold on this account, you must log in to the Kid account (with their username and password) that purchased the gold:

Here's what the process looks like to cancel that kind of gold membership!

Log in to the Kid account that made the purchase, click on the " Settings" icon followed by the "Subscription" tab, and then "Click here to update your billing info":

Scroll down the page a bit and click on " Cancel Gold Membership":

If you experience difficulty with this, please feel free to 'Contact Us' and our Team will be very happy to assist you!

If your membership was purchased through Apple you will need to cancel directly with them. You can do so by clicking here.

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