How can I give my child's coach access to his/her account? (Parent)

You may add your child's teacher or coach as another Guardian of their account. This gives the coach the ability to see their account and review their games.

The teacher or coach must already have a Parent/Coach account on (or, they can create one for free).

From your Parent/Coach account Home screen:

  • Click the "Kids" tab.
  • Select the "Edit Kid" tool from the dropdown menu next to the kid account to which you'd like to add a guardian.
  • Click the "Edit Guardianship" option on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter your coach's email address & select "Add Guardian." This adds them as a "Secondary Guardian," you remain the Primary Guardian of the account.

Be sure to only give Guardianship of your kid's account to people you trust, as it gives them full access to your kid's account. You can remove their Guardianship at any time.

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