Can't access my gold membership

Please double-check the username currently connected to the gold account. 

Sometimes the gold accidentally attaches to a different username:

1 - Please go to your ChessKid App and see if you can purchase another membership. Just go through the motions of buying a membership without actually purchasing one. When you do this, it should give you a pop-up with the ChessKid username that is linked to your Apple ID. This should provide us with the username that is connected to the gold account purchase! 

2 - If the first option doesn’t generate a username pop-up, then please log out and create a new username on the app by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button (next to the login area). Then try purchasing again until you see the pop-up error showing the username :) Please tell me what username shows up for you!

If neither of the 2 options above generate a username pop-up, please send an email with a screenshot showing the most recent Apple purchase time frame and the billing information to our support staff at

Other suggestions for how to restore gold on your Apple device:

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