Promo Codes/Discounts

Promo codes can only be used towards a 1 Kid, 1 Year Membership purchase.

To use this promo for more kids, please make a separate promo code purchase from within each Kid account (by logging in with their username and password).


You also have the option of getting an automatic $10 discount when you sign up for a 2 Kid Membership Plan through our site (rather than purchasing a 1 Kid Membership Plan twice), for example:

  • $88 for a 2 Kid, 1 Year Membership Plan (which equals $44 per kid per year) vs.
  • $49 for a 1 Kid, 1 Year Membership Plan (two of these purchases equals $98 total)

To purchase a 2 Kid Membership Plan you will need a connected Parent account. If you don't already have a Parent account, you can start the signup process by clicking HERE. To connect (and be listed as a Guardian on the Kid account(s) you will need to list the same email address on your Parent account as what is listed on the Kid account(s). Also, after the membership plan has been purchased from your Parent account you will need to assign the golds to grant the Kid account access.

To take a look at our various membership plans, click on the following link: Gold Unlimited Access! The larger the plan and timeframe, the larger the discount.

Here's some related membership information that might also be helpful to you: How to: Buy, Upgrade and Manage Gold Memberships.

Other related membership FAQ's:

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