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How To Change My Membership Plan
How To Change My Membership Plan
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From your home page (on a regular desktop computer), log in to the ChessKid account that purchased the membership.

Not sure what account purchased the gold? Here's how to check a KID ACCOUNT that you believe might've purchased the original membership,

  • Click on the "Settings" icon followed by the "Subscription" tab

  • If you're now able to see this "Click here to update your billing info" area (as seen in the picture below) then you've found the account that made the gold purchase.

*Note: If your " Subscription" area only shows a Basic Membership with an "Upgrade" button (as seen in the picture below), then this is probably not the ChessKid username that made the purchase, so there is no gold membership to change.

Here's how to check an ADULT ACCOUNT (Parent/Coach/Teacher) that you believe might've purchased the original membership,

  • From your home page, click on the “Settings” icon followed by the “Subscription” tab:

  • If you now see a gold membership to manage, then you've found the right account!

Once you find the account that purchased the membership,

  1. If you'd like to make a new purchase from that same account, make sure you've logged in to that particular username account before heading to our ChessKid Gold Unlimited page to change your membership plan.

  2. If you're trying to add another membership onto an existing gold account, we don't have an add-on option, you will need to make a new purchase for the total amount of memberships you'd like. Our system will give you a remaining balance credit from the gold account (if you're logged into the right account that made the purchase) and apply it towards your new membership plan. For example, I previously purchased a 1 Kid, 1 Year Membership and now would like a total of 2 Kids to now have gold. I now need to purchase a 2 Kid, 1 Year Membership to replace the smaller membership plan. (You can increase your gold memberships by clicking on the "+" plus sign in the "Kids" area on the left. Make sure to also select the time frame you'd like before upgrading.)

3. If you wish to change the timeframe of the current membership, (ie. a monthly plan to a yearly plan perhaps),

  • Follow the same procedures as above (Settings > Subscription > Click here to update your billing info)

  • On this next page, click on "Need more gold?" which will take you to our upgrade page where you can purchase a new plan that meets your needs.

  • If you have a remaining balance on the account, our system will credit you that amount towards the new membership plan and replace the plan.

  • Select the total amount of kids that need a membership, the total amount of time for this membership, then click "Upgrade".

*Note: If your purchase was made through Apple or Google Play, you will need to contact them to make any changes to your membership, as we are unable:

  • To manage your Apple membership please click on the following link: Apple Support.

  • To manage your Google Play account please click on the following link: Google Play Help.

*Prices subject to change.

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