(Coach/School) A student left my program. Should I delete a kid account, or just "un-gold" it?

ChessKid realizes that you probably won't be working with a student (who isn't your biological child) forever. You have several options to no longer display a Kid's account in your Teacher/Coach account.

1) Kids for whom you still work with, but no longer purchase Gold Memberships for:

    You have the ability to  disable the Gold Membership by clicking the Membership Badge icon to the left of the Kid's username. This leaves the Kid in your Kids' list, and leaves you as a Guardian, but you're not longer giving them Gold access.

2) Kids for whom you no longer work with, but who may still log in to their ChessKid accounts (the student graduated or moved out of your school):

  • Any kid is welcome to play in a Free account! We recommend just disassociating your Teacher/Coach account from the students you no longer teach. Go to the "Edit Kid" page for that student & select "Remove your Guardianship for this Kid's account."
  • The Kid will no longer show in your Kids list (but the student account still exists).
  • If a student's parent would like to purchase a Gold Membership individually for their child, you can transfer Primary Guardianship of the account to the parent.

3) Kids for whom you are sure they no longer use their ChessKid account at all:

  • If you'd like to clean up any completely unused Kid accounts, you can close a Kid's account. Go to the "Edit Kid" page for that account & select "Close account and remove from your My Kids list."
  • This option disables the account completely. It will no longer show in your Kids list, and the student will no longer be able to use the account.
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