How To Purchase A Gold Membership

A single ChessKid gold membership can be purchased directly from a Kid account (while logged in with their username) or several can be purchased while logged into a connected Adult account and then assigned to each Kid account, granting access to the gold benefits. 

Note: a Kid gold membership purchase does allow for a complimentary Parent gold, but accounts need to be connected by listing the same primary email on each account. That's how our system recognizes the Parent-Kid connection. How To Connect To My Kid Through Guardianship

How To Assign/Remove Gold

How to: Buy, Upgrade and Manage Gold Memberships

More gold membership FAQ's can be found HERE.

Wish to purchase additional memberships?

Our system isn't set up with an add-on membership feature at this time. In order to add or subtract your membership amount, you will need to make a new purchase for the total amount of memberships and time frame needed while in your Adult account. Make sure to ASSIGN the gold membership(s) after the purchase.

For example, I originally purchased a 1 Kid, 1 Year membership plan but now I would like to add another Kid to my plan. I now wish to have a 2 Kid, 1 Year plan. I will need to purchase a new 2 Kid, 1 Year membership plan. 

What happens to my old membership?

When a new purchase is made our billing system will automatically apply your remaining membership credit (if purchased from the same ChessKid account that made the original purchase) to the new purchase and it will replace the previous membership and time frame.

If your purchase was made third party through Apple (instead of you will need to contact them directly to make any changes to your account: How to change my Apple subscription. You can also reach them at this number: 1-800–692–7753 or visit this Apple Support webpage.

Wish to change the time frame of your membership? (for example, monthly to yearly)

From your ChessKid home page,

Click on Settings > Subscription Click here to update your billing info.

On this next page, click on "Need more gold?" which will take you to our upgrade page where you can purchase a new plan that meets your needs.

If you have a remaining balance on the account, our system will credit you that amount towards the new membership plan and replace the plan.

Select the total amount of kids that need a membership, the total amount of time for this membership, then click " Upgrade".

Having difficulty with your payment? Here are some alternative payment methods that should help you proceed! 

1) Paying with PayPal:

Simply proceed from the Memberships page through our check-out. You will see PayPal as one of your options.

2) Mailing a check or money order to: LLC / ChessKid

PO Box 970397  

Orem, UT 84097

Please remember to include a note with your username and the membership you wish to purchase.


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