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How To Add A Kid To My Adult Account
How To Add A Kid To My Adult Account
Updated over a week ago

From your ChessKid Adult account home page,

  • Click on "Manage"

  • Then on "Kids"

On the right, click on " Add a Kid":

The next few pages will ask you to pick a username, an avatar, and then finish by adding some account details :)

If you need to add several kids,

  • Click on "Add Multiple Kids" instead of adding one kid at a time:

  • Click on the downward arrow to select the # of accounts you'd like to create (you can create up to 25 at a time)

  • Create a default password

  • If the members are part of one of your clubs, click the box next to the club to checkmark it

  • Click "Create"

If you need further assistance, please EMAIL US.

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