Do Gold Membership purchases renew? How can I turn off auto-renewal?

Yes. Gold Membership purchases on ChessKid will automatically renew at the end of the expiration cycle so that you don't have a lapse in premium benefits.

You can turn off the auto-renewal function at any time.

If the purchase was made from an Adult account (Parent, Teacher or Coach):

  • Now, on the Membership page, click the red "Cancel Gold Membership" button:

If the purchase was made from a Kid account:

  • Click the "Cancel Gold Membership" button. 

There are a few special membership types which may require a different process:

  1. ChessKid does not manage subscription cycles purchased on iOS devices through the Apple App store or iTunes. If you make a purchase through the app, then decide to switch to a subscription purchased via a computer browser, you may need to separately cancel your subscription from your Apple device.
  2. If you're an administrator at a large school or school district, you may have a ChessKid "Enterprise" type account with a different type of Gold subscription. Please reach out to your ChessKid representative if you need renewal assistance.
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