Usernames And Custom Usernames

For the safety and security of the kids on our site, every custom username needs to be approved by ChessKid Staff before it can be used. Since we tend to have quite a few username requests, it may take several days for us to review and/or approve them all. 

Please Note: Until your custom username is approved by our ChessKid staff you will need to log in with the computer generated username(s) given to you upon sign-up and the password(s) created for the account(s). 

If you're not sure what the original username is and you have a gold account connected, you can find the username within the app: (Apple devices)

  • Option 1: Please go to your ChessKid App and see if you can purchase another membership. Just go through the motions of buying a membership without actually purchasing one. When you do this, it should give you a pop-up with the ChessKid username that is linked to your purchase. 
  • Option 2: If the first option doesn’t generate a username pop-up, then please log out and create a new username on the app by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button (next to the login area). Then try purchasing again until you see the pop-up error showing the username :) 

After following the steps above, you should get a pop-up like this one. The username listed in the pop-up is the username associated with your gold account purchase.

If you're not sure what the original username is and you have a gold account connected, you can find the username within the app: (Android devices)

  • Click on "Forgot Login?"

Then, enter your username or email address and click "Send".

Once you know the username connected to your account, shall you need a password reset, you can EMAIL US a screenshot of the username pop-up. 

If your gold account is through Apple, please also send us a copy of the purchase receipt, and we will reset the password to your gold account. Related FAQ: How To Cancel My Gold Account

Here are the guidelines for custom usernames: 

Usernames on ChessKid may be 3 to 20 alphanumeric characters with no spaces or symbols other than - or _ and these cannot be at the beginning or end of the username. Usernames must also be appropriate for young children, no adult themes or violent themes may be used.

How to request custom usernames for your connected Kid accounts (from within an Adult account):

  • Log into your ChessKid Adult account
  • Click on "Manage" followed by "Kids"

  • Next to the Kid account username you're interested in changing, click on the horizontal menu followed by "Edit Kid":

  • Enter in the requested username:

  • Make sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page:

For Parents, Coaches, Schools awaiting a batch of usernames to be approved:

  • From your ChessKid home page, click on "Manage" followed by "Kids" to see a list of the current usernames to login with.

If you need further assistance, please EMAIL US.

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