Membership Cancellation Overview

      Gold Membership purchases on ChessKid will automatically renew at the end of the expiration cycle so that you don't have a lapse in premium benefits. You can turn off the auto-renewal function at any time. 

      Please note: Even if your account says you have a gold membership, it may have been purchased through a different account connected to yours. If this is the case, only the account that made the purchase will have membership viewing and canceling capabilities.

      From your home page (on a regular desktop computer), log in to the ChessKid account that purchased the membership. 

      Unsure of what ChessKid account username made the original purchase? Here's how to double-check what username purchased the gold membership:

          • Please go to your ChessKid App and see if you can purchase another membership. Just go through the motions of buying a membership without actually purchasing one. When you do this, it should give you a pop-up with the ChessKid username that is linked to your purchase. That will be the username/account you will need to log in to to manage your membership. 
          • If the above option doesn’t generate a username pop-up, then please log out and create a new username on the app by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button (next to the login area). Then try purchasing again until you see the pop-up error showing the username.

          If your membership was started with Apple iTunes, please click HERE to cancel your membership. To request a refund, please go to Apple Refund Request. You can also reach out to Apple Support (or call 1-800–692–7753). 

        If your membership was started using Google Play, please click on the following link: Google Play Management.


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