Does closing my account cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately, no. 

Your subscription must be cancelled by you on or with assistance of our ChessKid Support Billing Department.

If the membership was purchased within a Kid account you will need to login to the Kid account, click on the "Settings" icon, the "Subscription" tab and then "Click to update your billing information":

Now click on "Cancel gold subscription":

If the membership was purchased with a Parent account you will need to login to the Parent account, click on the "Settings" icon, then "Membership":

Once on this page, click on “Cancel Gold Membership”:

If the membership was purchased through Apple iTunes, then it will need to be cancelled directly with them or the auto-billing will still occur. Apple gives us no control over the membership whatsoever. You will need to make the changes or cancellations on the Apple device where the purchase was made. Click on this link for more information: How to cancel my Apple subscription

Here’s a direct link to Apple Support, shall you need further assistance in finding your purchase: I don't see my Apple purchase

After this is done, Apple will send you an email letting you know when they've made their decision and where to check!

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